Joint Danish-Serbian visit to fruit and berry farmers in southern Serbia

On 25 February 2023 the Danish Ambassador to Serbia, Mr. Michael Borg-Hansen, along with the Serbian Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Dragan Glamočić, visited a number of fruit and berry farmers and processors in the Jablanica district in southern Serbia: Two cold stores and two orchards. These entrepreneurs have received grants and technical assistance from the Danish-Serbian funded Fruits and Berries Programme.

The cold stores visited were “Fungo-Jug” and “Strela Klajic”. These are major, privately owned cold store and processing companies primarily engaged with freezing and processing of cultivated and wild fruits and berries. The products are mainly exported to Europe. 

The visit also included two fruits orchards: “RPG Đeorđiov Jasmina”, which is a family-owned strawberry plantation with an area of 7 ha (soon to be expanded with 5 ha), and Mr. Mijodrag Nedeljković who owns a plum orchard of 7 ha in addition to 3 ha of sour cherries and 0.35 ha of strawberries.

The Fruit and Berries Programme supports eight value chains in southern Serbia: Sour cherries, sweet cherries, plums, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and forest berries. The focus is on sustainable economic growth and private sector job creation. Due to the support more than 60 new jobs were created in 2013.